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Board of Trustees Minutes and Congregational Meeting Minutes 2020

Board Meeting Minutes 1-19-20

Board Meeting Minutes2-23-20 (1)

Board Meeting Minutes 4-30-20 (2)

Board meeting Minutes 5-14-20 (2)

UUFS Congregational Meeting 6-24-20

Board Meeting Agenda June 30, 2020

UUFS Board Meeting Minutes August 18, 2020 (2)

Board Meeting Minutes September 15^J 2020

UUFS Board Meeting Minutes October 19^J2020

11-16-20 UUFS Board Meeting Minutes November 16, 2020

Board of Trustees Minutes and Congregation Minutes, 2019

Board Meeting Minutes 1-19-20

UUFS Board Minutes Sept. 15, 2019

UUFS Board Meeting Notes June 9

Board Minutes Oct 13, 2019




Board of Trustees Minutes and Congregational Minutes, 2018

18.01.27 UUFS Board Mtg MInutes

18.02.24 UUFS Board Mtg MInutes_Draft

18.03.17 UUFS Board Mtg MInutes_Draft

18.04.28 UUFS Board Mtg MInutes_Draft


18.05.26 UUFS Board Mtg MInutes_Draft

18.06.30 UUFS Board MInutes_Draft

18.08.22 UUFS Board MInutes_Draft

18.09.29 UUFS Board MInutes_Draft

18.10.26 UUFS Board MInutes_Draft

18.11.17 UUFS Board MInutes_Draft


Board of Trustees Minutes, By-Laws and Congregational Minutes  2017

January Draft of Meeting Minutes

02.19.17 UUFS Board Mtg Minutes_draft

03.12.17 UUFS Board Mtg Minutes

04.30.17 UUFS Board Mtg Minutes

05.21.17 UUFS Congregational Mtg MInutes_Final (1)

17.08.13 UUFS Board Mtg Minutes

17.09.17 UUFS Board Mtg Minutes

Board of Trustees Minutes, By-Laws, and Congregational Minutes – 2016

01.10.16 UUFS Board Mtg Minutes_Final

02.21.16 UUFS Board Mtg Minutes_final


03.20.16 UUFS Board Mtg Minutes_final

04.24.16 UUFS Board Mtg Minutes_final

05.12.16 UUFS Board Mtg Minutes_final

05.22.16 UUFS Congregational Mtg Minutes


Minister’s Contract 2016-17

06.12.16 UUFS Board Mtg Minutes_final

08.14.16 UUFS Board Mtg Minutes_Final


Budget and Financial Statements


Religious Education Committee 

Social Action Committee 

Minister’s Reports

Previous Sunday Services (Now included in Blog Announcements)

Building Committee Minutes

UUFS Building Meeting Minutes – April 2017