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Board of Trustees Minutes and Congregational Meeting Minutes 2020

Board Meeting Minutes 1-19-20

Board Meeting Minutes2-23-20 (1)

Board Meeting Minutes 4-30-20 (2)

Board meeting Minutes 5-14-20 (2)

Board notes 6-9-20 (1)

Board of Trustees Minutes and Congregation Minutes, 2019

Board Meeting Minutes 1-19-20

UUFS Board Minutes Sept. 15, 2019

UUFS Board Meeting Notes June 9

Board Minutes Oct 13, 2019




Board of Trustees Minutes and Congregational Minutes, 2018

18.01.27 UUFS Board Mtg MInutes

18.02.24 UUFS Board Mtg MInutes_Draft

18.03.17 UUFS Board Mtg MInutes_Draft

18.04.28 UUFS Board Mtg MInutes_Draft


18.05.26 UUFS Board Mtg MInutes_Draft

18.06.30 UUFS Board MInutes_Draft

18.08.22 UUFS Board MInutes_Draft

18.09.29 UUFS Board MInutes_Draft

18.10.26 UUFS Board MInutes_Draft

18.11.17 UUFS Board MInutes_Draft


Board of Trustees Minutes, By-Laws and Congregational Minutes  2017

January Draft of Meeting Minutes

02.19.17 UUFS Board Mtg Minutes_draft

03.12.17 UUFS Board Mtg Minutes

04.30.17 UUFS Board Mtg Minutes

05.21.17 UUFS Congregational Mtg MInutes_Final (1)

17.08.13 UUFS Board Mtg Minutes

17.09.17 UUFS Board Mtg Minutes

Board of Trustees Minutes, By-Laws, and Congregational Minutes – 2016

01.10.16 UUFS Board Mtg Minutes_Final

02.21.16 UUFS Board Mtg Minutes_final


03.20.16 UUFS Board Mtg Minutes_final

04.24.16 UUFS Board Mtg Minutes_final

05.12.16 UUFS Board Mtg Minutes_final

05.22.16 UUFS Congregational Mtg Minutes


Minister’s Contract 2016-17

06.12.16 UUFS Board Mtg Minutes_final

08.14.16 UUFS Board Mtg Minutes_Final


Budget and Financial Statements


Religious Education Committee 

Social Action Committee 

Minister’s Reports

Ministers Report821928


President’s Reports

Previous Sunday Services (Now included in Blog Announcements)

Building Committee Minutes

UUFS Building Meeting Minutes – April 2017