Website Information for Committee Chairs

We encourage committee chairs to participate in the ongoing creation of our website by providing information on their committee’s activities and events.

Calendar Items

The web calendar is the Fellowship’s principal calendar. Please help us make it as complete and accurate as possible. Send information on all events, including committee meetings, to


Committees may post announcements to the website blog in several ways:

Announcements that are intended for more than one publication, such as website and midweek announcements, should be sent to Include a request for a website posting in your communication.

Announcements that are intended only for the website may be sent to

Committee chairs may obtain website authoring privileges so that they may post messages to the blog themselves. Send your request to For additional information on how to post messages, see How to Use This Website.


Each committee has an address at which it may receive email through, for example, Mail sent to such an address will automatically forward to the appropriate chair or co-chairs. We recommend using these addresses in announcements rather than putting personal email addresses on the website. The list of addresses for all committees appears on the Contact Us page.

Standing Pages

Each committee has a standing page to use for information that remains the same for a long time. These pages are in the Board and Committees section of the website. We suggest taking a look at the different committee pages to get ideas for your own. Committees may make changes to their standing pages in two ways:

Discuss the changes with the Website Committee and have that committee revise the page;

Request editing privileges so that you may make changes yourself. Send your request to


The ability to display photos is one of the great strengths of the website. Pictures of ongoing or past events make great posts or enhancements to standing pages. Send digital pictures as email attachments to