Finance Committee



The Finance Committee has the overall responsibility for managing UUFS finances.

Each spring, the Finance Committee works with other standing committees to develop the annual budget for approval by the Board of Trustees and the congregation. It organizes the annual pledge campaign to provide primary funding for budget needs. The committee prepares regular financial reports for the Board and advises the Board on financial matters.

Chair: Pat Hollinger


Making Financial Contributions

Information for donors about checkwriting, plate collections, tax deductions, bequests, and more

Financial Contribution FAQ

Financial Guidelines for Committee Chairs

Budgeting and spending guidelines for chairs of Fellowship committees

Financial Guidelines for Committee Chairs

Contribution Funds

Over 90% of the Fellowship’s funding comes from the voluntary contributions of our members and friends. In order to carry out donor intentions and account for all donations properly, each contribution goes into one of our contribution funds.

The Finance Committee requests that donors make all checks to UUFS and include the name of the fund in the memo field.

Stewardship Fund

Most contributions go into the Stewardship Fund, which includes all unrestricted donations. The Fellowship directs this money wherever it is needed, in accordance with the annual budget approved by the congregation. The Annual Stewardship Campaign conducted each spring asks members to make pledges for the amount they intend to contribute for the next fiscal year beginning July 1. Whenever we receive checks that are not otherwise designated, we assume that they are Stewardship contributions. Note that contributions to the donor-restricted funds listed below are not counted as payments on Stewardship pledges.

Into the Future Fund

In 2010, the Fellowship launched a capital campaign to pay off its building loan by the end of 2012. The primary purpose was to eliminate the need to make monthly payments from general operating funds, thereby freeing up resources to support ministry. The fund completed its goal in 2012 and is currently not soliciting additional contributions.

Social Action Fund

The Social Action Fund is a donor-restricted fund that is used only to support humanitarian causes identified by the Social Action Committee, often based on member recommendations. On most Sundays, the cash plate goes to one of these announced causes. Donors may also contribute by check by indicating “Social Action” or “SAC” in the memo field of their check.

Ministry Fund

The Ministry Fund is a donor-restricted fund that is intended only to pay compensation for a present or future minister. On selected Sundays of the year, the cash plate is collected for that purpose. Donors may also contribute by check by indicating “Ministry” in the memo field of their check.