Board and Committees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Salisbury.

Members of the Board are elected by the congregation at the annual congregational meeting, usually in May. Officers serve two-year terms, and trustees serve three-year terms. The President and Secretary are elected in the same year, and the Vice-President and Treasurer are elected the following year. One trustee is elected each year. Terms begin on June 1 and end on May 31.

Current Board of Trustees:

President (until 2017): Georgia Nichols (
Vice-President (until 2018): Anita Mikula-Smith (
Secretary (until 2017): Jen Barnes (
Treasurer (until 2018): Pat Hollinger (

Trustee (until 2019): Cori Meek (
Trustee (until 2017): Charles Boster (
Trustee (until 2018): Marlene Fiddyment (



Building Committee
Grounds Committee
Finance Committee
Fundraising Committee
Green Sanctuary Committee
Hospitality Committee
Membership Committee
Nominating Committee
Program Committee
Publicity Committee
Religious Education Committee
Social Action Committee
Welcoming Committee

Website Committee