Minister’s Musings – March 2021

Dear Ones- March will certainly be an interesting month!  Our theme for the month is “journey”, and I believe our UUFS journey will take us to all sorts of wonderful places.  Before going any further, though, remember: we “spring forward” on March 14.  We wouldn’t want you to be late for the treat you’ll be receiving at 10 am. on that day (That cryptic remark will be explained elsewhere in the newsletter).

The month is also “Women’s History Month” and one of the highlights of the month will be that on three of the four Sundays in the month UUFS will feature women preaching!  As you’ll see in this newsletter, on March 14, Rev Dr Kharma Amos, Minister to the UU’s of Central Delaware, will be sharing her thoughts on prayer.  March 21 will feature our UUA President Rev Susan Frederick-Gray (and stoles by Kit Wright), and on March 28 my friend, Rev Theresa Langdon will be “visiting” us via Zoom from her home in New York.  What a great line-up of dynamic ministers!  March promises to be a great month, indeed.

“Journeys” take many forms, of course.  The word seems a bit old fashioned, don’t you think?  For me, it conjures visions of a grand adventure- maybe one of those elegant old ocean liners, or a pilgrimage.  One doesn’t undertake a journey lightly.  It’s not a quick trip to the store, or even a move across country.  When you go on a journey, you do so carefully and thoughtfully, the pace is different.

Writers talk about “the hero’s journey” and literature is filled with them – The Odyssey, or Tolkien’s “Ring” trilogy come to mind.  There is a destination, certainly, but there are lots of adventures along the way. There are challenges and obstacles, sometimes it even appears the hero will be overcome and unable to reach the destination.  But in the end, you know that the hero will be successful, because that’s what heroes do.

I’ve noticed that UU’s often speak of journeys, as well.   I often refer to people’s “spiritual journey”.  If you google “UU sermons -journey”, there are numerous examples of our using journey as a metaphor for all sorts of things- from trips across country to psychotherapy.  That’s not at all surprising, of course.  Life, and our faith, often takes us to interesting and unexpected places, both physically and metaphorically.  We find ourselves on protest marches, or working in homeless shelters.  We find ourselves engaged with folks for whom the word “God” or ‘prayer” have deep and powerful resonance.  Each of these can be thought of as an adventure on our journey.

They say “it’s the journey, not the destination”.  Each life has a destination, of course- death is the end of everyone’s journey (at least, as far as we know, here on earth).  But between here and there, there are adventures to be had- monsters to confront, obstacles to overcome, friendships to be made and tested, betrayals and heartbreak.  It is, indeed, the journey, not the destination.

May each of us, as we welcome Spring and the renewal that it brings, find joy, adventure and excitement in our hearts as we journey through this month, and all the days of our lives.

Wishing you peace and blessings,

Rev John

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