UUJEC Webinar


Climate Crisis, like COVID-19, is a Global Health Threat; & Managing the Health Effects of the Climate Crisis.

Thursday, June 11 at 8 PM EDT, 7 PM CDT, 6 PM MDT & 5 PM PDT
To join our Webinar, please click here. 

Brief Bio:
Julia Ying is a volunteer public speaker trained by former US Vice President Al Gore and the Climate Reality Project. She is Co-Chair of the Climate Reality Northern New Mexico Chapter. She is also a member of 350 Santa Fe. She is a retired General Medical Practitioner from Sydney Australia, and is a happy grandmother to 5 grandchildren. She is now living in Los Alamos, NM. She is passionate about taking care of Mother Earth, to preserve the beauty of nature she loves, and to know her grandchildren can grow up in a safe, sustainable world. 

Julia Ying can be contacted on: climaterealitynnm@gmail.com
Website: ClimateRealityNNM.org 

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