CUUPS Newsletter – Spring 2020

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CUUPS Newsletter –  Spring 2020 
A Message from the Board of CUUPS
General Assembly 2020 – Providence | Online Rituals
From the CUUPS Board of Directors
First let us offer all of you a beautiful season of renewal, growth, and rejuvenation during this time of Spring’s awakening. Many of you have had your Spring Equinox rituals and are looking forward to Beltaine and the planting season.
We are also clear, this is a difficult spring for our planet with so much spinning about the Covid-19 virus. Some of us are confined to our homes and they have become not just living spaces, but work and play spaces too. Balance may be hard to create or you may be enjoying the stay home leave me alone type setting. None the less these are times like many of us have never seen.
At our monthly meeting the end of March, the board of directors for the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPS) and it was hard to move into business. We just wanted to know how one another was and how you all are.
We send heartfelt love to our members, your families, and those in your worlds amidst this Covid-19 crisis. Our busy world has slowed humanity down or added tons of stress depending on our life’s work. The anxiety, anguish, and financial loss is stressful. Groups, chapters, congregations and gatherings have needed to change. Routines have changed. We don’t necessarily have our regular outlets to run to for comfort and engagement. Physical exchanges of kinship, comfort and heart have needed to shift. This is not easy. Human beings need connection.
Members of the board have been impacted by job loss, a colleague dying, as well as one who is working tirelessly in a hospital setting to get equipment needs met. Others are ministering to their communities learning new ways to create worship for all ages. We really understand how much we are all in this together.
Inside of that, the CUUPS board members were touchstones on the screen and coming together and for a brief time it brought some normalcy to each of us for a bit. We were present to each of you – our members, associates, congregations, chapters, leaders, and friends are experiencing something that changing life as any of us knew it. Simplifying, caring for one another, and reaching out became a theme for how to be in service to all of you and Spirit however that is defined. It also became the under current on what is there for is to do this year.
Ideas, Questions and Thoughts that Came Up…
Many questions came up for us.
  • What are the ways chapters are connecting if there are restrictions in your cities and towns about meeting in person?
  • How are you staying in touch with loved ones?
  • How are your congregations meeting?
  • How is the larger community around you working together to care for one another?
  • How are children and young adults meeting?
  • If none of this is present for you, what is present in the quiet of the need to stay at home?
  • What do you need?
As we sat with those questions, we discussed creating online rituals for our chapters and members. Online gatherings we can share with others in the denomination who desire and need spiritual uplifting.
Our religious educators thought about our young people and rituals or programs for them. We got very excited about the ideas. We have the platforms.
So, let’s try it!
Are You Interested in Participating?
If you are a chapter or member interested in creating an online ritual for all, workshop or craft time for young people, lead a meditation, song, or some idea we have not thought of on the CUUPS platforms please write to president@cuups.organd let us know.
We can set up the CUUPS Zoom link and be at your gathering and you can focus on that, CUUPS will focus on the tech. The CUUPS Zoom link can manage 100 logins.
Give us an idea of what you would like to share. We can look to see how and when it can fit in a schedule, go over the idea with you and see how to best put it together. We may not be able to get everyone in but we can at least begin something new in this season of rebirth and renewal.
A Quote…
Again, much love to all of you. Be safe. Take care of yourselves and your kin. Find solace and miracles in the world around you.
In closing, I offer this reading to each of you. Many Springtime blessings.
“Through darkness comes light, through fear comes love,
and through pain comes triumph.” 
– Lilly Atlas, Acer
Blessings to each of you,
The CUUPS Board of Directors:
Jerrie, Deborah, Ron, Om, Glenn , Cat, and Erica
CUUPS at General Assembly 2020 – Providence, RI

Given the status of the Corvid-19 virus the CUUPS board has chosen to cancel it’s booth participation in the GA Exhibit Hall for this year. With board members in the health care industry, and heavily impacted related industries and the health and well being of the board, we felt this was the best thing for this year.


Silver Lining…

We will still have our General Assembly Summer Solstice Ritual!!! 

Om Prakash and Jerrie Hildebrand have been in communication with the General Assembly Program Committee about this beloved gathering at General Assembly. CUUPS is working with the committee to see how to best present this.


At this point we are considering either a large Zoom style format or live streaming format of some sort from our separate places around the country. a webinar setting or a pre-recorded setup via video. This also gives the entire board the ability to participate.


We are seeing the one thing that would be great is to have a musical element. If you are a UU Pagan musician interested in participating, please contact the email below.


Please reach our to us at

CUUPS Phone Line & Address
Currently we are shifting how the CUUPS phone line will be answered more effectively. Please be patient. If you wish to contact us please email or and your message will be directed to the appropriate person.
We also have secured a new mailing address. You can now mail us at:

2692 Madison Rd., Suite 216 * Cincinnati OH 45208
We will do our best to serve you!
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