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December 6, 2019

Dear Members and Friends of UUJEC,

“It is the best of times, it is the worst of times.” What will we wake up to tomorrow? In these days of climate & political disruption, we counsel ourselves, “Hold Vision and Take Courage.”

Please go to our secure link to make a tax deductible donation. We are again asking you to contribute generously to keep UUJEC’s programs green!  Or, if you prefer to send a check, the address is:  UUJEC-Bannor, 2701 West Fitch Ave, Chicago, IL 60645

What we’re doing with your money

UUs for a Just Economic Community remains charged up from our successful conference, Building a Movement for the Green New Deal in Washington DC last September.  Check out the UU World article on it here and videos of the speakers here (the links are below the speakers’ photos and bios).  We explored the climate catastrophe in the making and the front line communities already being affected, but the charge is to act. Now! 

We know congregations are tackling the prevention of fossil fuel pipelines on land protected by indigenous treaties, learning how ethical eating helps the environment, placing solar panels on their roofs.  Others are doing such climate justice work as protesting breaches of the safety and welfare of folks in immigration centers where climate refugees are being held captive, urging their representatives to legislate universal health care so that no one is left out.

We plan to focus on organizing our webinars, study materials, like the Green New Deal Curriculum, regional conferences and web page resources around solutions. Focusing on action– please join our project to plant trees to sequester carbon and please give us a hands-on progress report to keep our spirits up!  Whatever you’re doing to stop the climate catastrophe, you can help by emailing your solutions to us at greentf@uujec.org so that others can learn from your work and collaborate across the miles as well.  We will regularly update the GND Resources and Solutions section of https://uujec.org and include congregational stories in our quarterly e-newsletter.

We will continue to work collaboratively with UU organizations like UUs for Social Justice, the UU Climate Justice Network, and UU Ministry for the Earth.  We are currently seeking a staff person who will work with our board to organize and maintain these efforts.

We thank you for years of financial and volunteer contributions, attending our conferences, your support for our booth and workshops at General Assembly.  With our members help, we passed an Action of Immediate Witness, Building a Movement for a Green New Deal.  Your support enables our vision of a just economic community and a sustainable environment to be a reality.

Jane Bannor, Chicago, IL · Jim Black, Sister Bay, WI · Dr. Dick Burkhart, Seattle, WA · Karla Chew, Oak Park, IL · Rev. Judy Deutsch, Corrales, NM · Sally Jane Gellert, Woodcliff Lake, NJ · Peter Hartzell, Redwood City, CA · Rev. Dr. Lucy Hitchcock, Salem, OR · Terry Lowman, Ames, IA · Kit Marlowe, Cape May, NJ · Rev. John Martin, Waianae, HI · Carl McCargo, Springfield, MA · Cindy Piester, Ventura, CA · Rachel Bennett Steury, Studio City, CA ·Sky Stewart, Franklin, OH · Dean Wanderer, Springfield, VA · Adam Wasserman, Santa Fe, NM

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