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Winter Solstice Blessings
CUUPS Newsletter –  Winter 2019 
Winter Solstice Thoughts | New CUUPS Board Members
General Assembly 2020 – Providence | Volunteers Needed
Welcome Winter!
As I sit looking out the window of my office the snow is gently falling and the cat is curled up all warm and snuggly.  The songs of my youth are playing in the background and my mind turns to all of the wonderful support CUUPS has had this year from many of our members, UU ministers, and congregations supporting chapters.

In this time of reflection, we the board of CUUPS look at what we can bring to all of you and the opportunities to include our members, chapters and supporters. The board is taking the month off to discern and come back in January refreshed and ready to create newly.
For us this organization serves all of you and is you. It takes all of us to continue theeducational efforts and vision of CUUPS in the UUA.
In this season of wonder and new possibilities, what would you like to see us bring forward? Curriculums? Educational Materials? A gathering? We wonder. Let us know!
Many Blessings!
Jerrie Hildebrand
Our New CUUPS Board Members
Many thanks to all of you who voted in the election process. There were 86 members who stepped up with their choices.
  • Elected to the Board to join Ron Zorn, Debra Gilbert, and Om Prakash are:
    • Jerrie Hildebrand – President ( 2019-2022)
    • Cat Rigby – Secretary (2019-2022)
    • Erica Shadowsong – Curriculum (2019-2021)
    • Glenn Morrison – Membership & Chapter Development
  • Elected to Nominating Committee to join Joan VanBecelare & Gretchen Ohman is
    • David Troxel  (2019-2022)
Now it is time to get to work!
Support CUUPS
You can Donate online at our website.
Want to Volunteer? Pop us an email.
Want to write for the blog? Contact us!
Let us know your interest!
Development Team!
We have been working to take better care and be more available to our chapters!
Board members Om Prakash (Dr. Rev. John Gilmore) and Debra Gilbert are the liaisons for to work with chapters, ministers and boards with chapter concerns and development. Glenn Morrison will be working with Debra to create a stronger system and team doing this work.
Contact us for support!
GA2020 Plymouth, MA Volunteers
The board has submitted a programs proposal to create a Summer Solstice Ritual at the 2020 General Assembly in Providence, RI. This year is the 400th anniversary of the landing of the Pilgrims. The theme is for GA is “Rooted”. 
New England Members –We would love to create a team for creating the ritual. Email us! We would love to have you there!


We personally thank all of you for your participation with CUUPS. As an all volunteer organization we work to be responsive and sometimes life gets in the way.  If your have questions here is a  list of board member emails for you to direct your questions to:
We will do our best to serve you!
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