UUA Newsletter September 2019

Unitarian Universalist Association

September 2019

Pastoral Video Message from Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray

As the Unitarian Universalist church year begins, the gathering of our communities creates energy. There is power in our congregations to change lives—to save lives, to bring hope and offer deep care and an open heart.

I know we live in volatile times and I hold each one of you, and the Unitarian Universalist faith movement as a whole, in my daily prayers. I hope we can find the sustenance we need in one another to continue to show up and live our faith out loud.

Please share this video in your congregation and on social media. May it be a source of inspiration that keeps us from getting lost in all that is wrong with this world. May this church year be a time for us to care for our community and in doing so, to remind ourselves of the liberation that our Universalist theology tells us is meant for everyone.

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May you be held in peace and may you show up in more love for yourselves, for one another and for our world in this time.

Yours in love,

Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray

UUA President

Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray spends her days strengthening the thriving mission of this faith. In her spare time, she enjoys being with her family and playing with their puppy, Hercules.

Black circle with words in white: "Climate Strike Sept 20"

On September 20, Unitarian Universalists will join the youth-led movement organizing the Global Climate Strike. UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray will march with UUs and many others in New York City. Join us in solidarity where ever you are as we come together to amplify the demand for transformative action to address the climate crisis.


The UUA is currently in search for the next Moderator of the Association. As the UUA’s Chief Governance Officer, the Moderator works closely with the Board, Executive Staff and UUA Committees to shape and hold the vision and mission of the UUA. Individuals and teams are welcome to apply.

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