UUJEC Conference on Climate Issues

August 20, 2019

Dear UU Leader/Social Justice Activist/Newsletter Editor,

We have exciting news!  UUs for a Just Economic Community is co-hosting a conference, Advancing Economic and Climate Justice as a Moral Issue, Building a Movement for a “Green New Deal” September 15-17 in Washington, DC.  Why the long name?  It’s about framing—and we’ll talk about it.

On Sunday, we will start out at All Souls Church, Unitarian to learn why this is a UU moral issue and how our congregations can be involved.  On Monday, we’ll meet at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church on Capitol Hill with speakers reviewing why climate justice is an economic and racial justice issue and solutions to reduce inequality and save the planet.  We’ll learn about bills we can support and how to talk to our Senators and their staff.  On Tuesday, we’ll meet at the Capitol Visitors Center and get a pep talk by Representative Deb Haaland, one of the first two Native American women elected to Congress, and others advocating for climate justice.

Please go to our webpage, uujec.org/gndconference to get the full story—see our co-sponsors.  Scroll to the bottom and see whom we’ve lined up to speak—and come back often because we’re just getting confirmations now.  Check out the scholarships available funded by UU Funding Program and Faithify.  You can register for the conference on our webpage.  The full conference is $125, Sunday only is $40.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided—dinner will be planned at nearby restaurants so the conversation can continue—we’ll sort ourselves by our restaurant choices.  Our presenters are young and energetic—this is the most fun you’ll ever have doing serious justice work!

If you can’t go, get your congregation to write letters to their Senators.  A link to UUs for Social Justice’s Write Here, Write Now!, explaining how to do this.  As soon as UUs for Social Justice post specifics for this month’s letter, we will post it on the conference webpage .


Jane Bannor, Member of UUJEC
Green New Deal task force

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