CUUPS Summer Newsletter

CUUPS Newsletter –  Summer 2019 
Welcoming Summer Solstice | 2019 General Assembly – Spokane
 2019 CUUPS Member Annual Meeting | Volunteer Opportunities
 Membership Volunteers Needed | Calling All CUUPS Writers | New Website in Process
Hello Summer Time!
How fun is it to watch something one plants start to grow! It feels like one a few days ago our family garden got planted but it is clear with the grow that it was longer and all of the work fertilizing, turning the dirt over, debating what to plant, and such is paying off. Green shoots are every place. Flowers are flourishing. The baby woodchucks under the barn and their mom have moved on. The sea breezes are warmer. And the choral sounds of the birds are full and loud.
I love being able to see the seasons change as a reminder to stop and look at my own life and the things I am doing with others to see what transitions are similar. And as an organization there are always transitions of various natures happening.
For the board the seeds of planning General Assembly, moving the website over to a new platform, and putting together the agenda for the 2019 CUUPS Annual Meeting is where we are seeing growth. I look forward to seeing those of you at General Assembly in person and our members online for the Annual meeting.
May the warmth of the Solstice enegeries enliven your spirits, harvest new opportunities, and allow you to enjoy the outdoors filled rays of sunshine!
Many Blessings!
Jerrie Hildebrand
CUUPS President

A Piece of CUUPS History…
GA 1995 in Spokane was
when the Sixth Source was adapted. This added the language to the sources of inspiration that reads:

“Spiritual teachings of
earth-centered traditions which celebrate the sacred circle of
life and instruct us to live in harmony with the rhythms
of nature”
It’s Time for General Assembly in Spokane, Washington!
We are all set for General Assembly in Spokane, Washington next week!
CUUPS will be hosting A Celebration of the Summer Solstice & Community with the theme “The Power of We” on Saturday, June 22 at 1:30 to 2:30 pm in room 414 in Convention Center 111A.
If you are interested in participating in leading the ritual with us stop by the CUUPS Booth in the exhibit all to let us know. We will have a meeting at GA to go over the details.
The CUUPS Booth is a great place to meet other UU Pagans and people interested in earth-centered spirituality.  As time has gone forward in ur planning we shifted and even simplified how our booth has been set up in the past to stay in alignment with the greening efforts of the event. A great opportunity to care for our planet!

There will be less paper, less waste, and more personal interactions and more information online for our congregations and you to download, visit or read. We also chose not to sell product this year since much of the board cannot make it.
Om Prakash (Rev. John Gilmore) and myself will be there with our volunteers and we are happy to be able to make the trip to meet our west coast friends.
Calling CUUPS Members for Our Annual Meeting!
This is a call to all paid members of the Covenant of UU Pagans, Inc.
 in the to our Annual Meeting on Saturday, July 13, 2019 at
 2:00 pm Eastern – 1:00 pm Central – 12:00 pm Mountain – 11:00 am Pacific
on Zoom.
Please register in advance for this meeting at:

Registration is required so we can check your membership status
and let you know if you are lapsed as a member or all set to vote.

 After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing
information about joining the meeting.
If there is anything you would like the Executive Team to put on the agenda write and the team will assess if there will be time.
So you can plan your time the meeting usually lasts about a half hour.
We look forward to seeing you online.
Volunteers Needed!
We’re just like you, are teachers, parents, business executives, and busy people. We volunteer with our congregations and communities and like our members we have a dedication to working in teams. With volunteers we can make a bigger impact. Interested? We would love to talk with you! 
Let us know your interest!
Chapter Support!
We have been working to take better care and be more available to our chapters! If you need support creating covenants or working with your congregation we are here.
Board members Om Prakash (Dr. Rev. John Gilmore) and Debra Gilbert are the liaisons for to work with chapters, ministers and boards with chapter concerns and development.
Contact us for support!
Write for the Blog!
Nature’s Sacred Journey is the blog CUUPS has on Patheos. You write one article a month and we are open to publishing articles on a more spontaneous basis. If you are a chapter and would like to write rituals for the blog that is welcome too. We would love to have you write!

Contact David Pollard!


New CUUPS Website Coming!
We are currently moving our website over to Wild Apricot. This platform is for non-profit groups to put their resources in one easy place. The plan is to have this moved over and operational before the Annual Meeting. So stay tuned!
Membership Processing – The website will link into a membership center that will automatically process your membership and send you a member number immediately. No more waiting for it. It will also compile an up to date membership list for the committee to access with more ease.
Newsletter – This e-newsletter at some point will move to the system available to use there too. We will be able to pin the newsletter to our website for broader access.
Chapter Forum – There will be an opportunity to develop a forum for chapters to be in communication with each other and the board. This will enable us to know more quickly when there are things that need tending to. It will only be open to chapter coordinators.
Events – Once we figure out how to manage it there will be a moderated forum for chapters to post their events to the public. We will be using this with the same policies as our social media by advertising UU Pagan related events, not general Pagan community events.
Lots of Information – For Congregations, Ministers, Church Boards and Chapters, there will be tons of information to grow and nurture Pagan/Earth & Nature Centered thinking and worship in general worship and small group.
We look forward to this new adventure. As we move things over and expand offerings, be patient. It will take a bit of time to work the new system out.
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