CUUPS Spring Newsletter

CUUPS Newsletter –  Spring 2019 
Welcoming Spring * Membership & Chapter Support Committee Forming
Curriculum Committee Report * General Assembly 2019 * Newsletters for Inmates
Calling UU Pagan Writers * Volunteer Opportunities
Welcoming Spring!
As a person who lives in the Northeast, I look forward to Spring’s arrival. I start to get excited to put my hands in the dirt of the gardens, get seeds in the ground and cleaning the yard up. I think about what seeds I want to grow in my personal life, businesses, and in all areas of my life. That includes in CUUPS too. I look at the projects we have going on, and what is needed to grow and ground them so they flourish.
One of the seeds we planted in CUUPS is the we proudly renewed CUUPS as a covenanting community with the UUA. A covenanting community supports people create new ways of expressing their UU faith and values while being connected to the larger UU family. It gives the earth-centered the opportunity to bridge our spirituality with our UU values and principles within our congregations. You, our members and chapters are integral to this by educating about the earth-centered traditions, thinking, and celebrations.
One thing we are realizing is that when seeds are planted, one gets to see beautiful flowers, fruits, or wonderful vegetables. We would love to see and hear what your chapters and congregations are doing that honor earth centered thinking! We are inviting you to send pictures and info about what you chapters and congregations are up to that we can publish.
May this Spring bring all of you fresh thinking, a renewed spirit, and beautiful rays of sunshine! Many Blessings!
Jerrie Hildebrand, President

Member & Chapter Support Committee Members Needed…
We are learning that as a board we are limited if we continue to do everything ourselves. Like our congregations, we are as strong as the participation of our members.
The next committee we are building is a Member & Chapter Support Committee. This team will create ideas to grow membership, chapters, and congregations interested in learning more about Paganism.
This team will create simple newsletters for incarcerated UU Pagans using protocol set up with the Church of the Larger Fellowship Prison Ministry group. This will include seasonal meditations.
Ministerial & Right Relations Support Available…
Sometimes chapters and congregations need support creating covenants. While an extremely effective tool for setting guidelines and building trust, it also sets up the way you will both support one another.
CUUPS chapters are required to have covenants. They clarify expectations and create a safe environment for the chapter.
Board member Om Prakash (Dr. Rev. John Gilmore) is the liaison for chapters, ministers, and church boards to get support in writing these. Om works with chapters, ministers and church boards with concerns in having a chapter and on conflict situations.
Contact us for support!
Gets to Work…
The new Curriculum Development team has begun their work!  Board member Irene Glasse is leading the team. Currently, they have broken into two teams working on outlines for potential projects.
Areas of focus are on UU materials for ministers and lay leaders about a variety of earth based paths as well as information on using readings and music from UU sources that do not culturally mix sources. We hope these tools will support congregations and create better understanding of traditions beyond Eurocentric models.
Contact the for info about the Curriculum Team!

Are You Coming to GA 2019? 
Let Us Know!
We are getting ready for General Assembly in Spokane, Washington. CUUPS will be hosting A Celebration of the Summer Solstice & Community on Saturday, June 22 at 1:30 to 2:30 pm this year as well as hosting a booth in the exhibit hall.
The ritual team will be meeting soon to start planning the ritual. If you are interested in supporting us let us know so we can get planning meeting information to you.
We are also have opportunities to support the CUUPS Booth. It is a great place to meet other UU Pagans and people interested in earth-centered spirituality. At the booth we will have materials of interest to UU Pagans for purchase.
GA 1995 in Spokane was when the Sixth Source was adapted. This added the language to the sources of inspiration that reads:

“Spiritual teachings of earth-centered traditions which celebrate the sacred circle of life and instruct us to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature”
Are you interested in volunteering at GA? 
To volunteer at the booth or support the booth space contact  Jerrie Hildebrand at for more information.
Calling All UU Pagan Writers!
CUUPS curates a blog on the Patheos Pagan website. It’s called Nature’s Sacred Journey and has been operating of just over four years. To date we’ve published over 500 hundred articles making it the largest collection of UU-Pagan writings in the world!
We are seeking new writesr for Nature’s Sacred Journey. Most of authors send us an article once a month – though we also are open to publishing articles on a more spontaneous basis – especially when they are in response to a current event. Articles should be at least 300 words long. Most articles tend to be between 600 – 1500 words. Ideally, we’d prefer if You supply us with accompanying artwork, or we can look for find some from either public domain or Creative Commons resources.
If this is something that sounds interesting to you, please respond to David Pollard ( with a sample article, and let us know when in the month would be the best time for you to submit your articles. Also, I should add that if you feel moved to write additional articles due to current events, or something that happened in your life, we’d be happy to run that as well.
To take a look at Nature’s Sacred Journey, please check this this link:
Volunteers Wanted!
We’re just like you. We’re teachers, business executives, parents, retirees, students…you name it. But the one thing we all have in common is our dedication to change. And the more volunteers we have, the bigger impact we can all make. Together. Learn More about what it means to be a volunteer.
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