UUJEC Webinar Thursday, January 10

UUJEC Webinar Series Returns for 2019
TOMORROW Thursday, January 10, 2019 8:00 PM Eastern Time

“Democracy Uncorrupted?”
Statement of Conscience discussion

Are you or others in your congregation, fellowship, or society (CFS) working on comments for this year’s proposed statement of conscience (SoC), Democracy Uncorrupted? Do you know where to find resources for your social action team or other group to prepare for the discussion at GA in Spokane this June (one can attend GA in person or as an off-site delegate—as an authorized delegate from your CFS, one can join the discussion and vote either way).

Join us tomorrow, Thursday, January 10th, at 8 p.m. EST to discuss the statement, where it is strong, where weak, and what suggestions for amendments we would like to see brought to the mini-assembly at GA. Participating in the conversation will be Kindra Muntz from UU Justice Florida, who is the lead author of the study issue, so bring your questions and suggestions. This will be more of a facilitated discussion than a presentation seminar. Comments need to be submitted on this form by February 1.

We at UUJEC are particularly interested in this SoC because in order to create a more just economic community we need a fully functioning democracy, uncorrupted, with every voice heard and every individual empowered, without special-interest groups of any sort exerting undue influence. Of course, this is not limited to our civil society, but is also critical within our own Unitarian Universalist Associations and other UU groups at all levels, from local to national. Does this SoC address both internal and external groups in an effective manner? Could it be expanded in focus? Are the actions suggested appropriate and effective?

Please join us January 10th to discuss this document and plan for its deliberation at General Assembly. Webinar details, including ZOOM call-in information can be found on our web page https://uujec.com/webinars 

UUJEC Webinar Series, Next Up:  Thursday, February 21, 2018 8:00 PM ET with Immokalee Workers. “Harvest of Shame, Uncovering and Changing the Working Conditions of the Farmworkers who Feed the World’s Richest Nation

All Webinar information can be found on our web page  http://uujec.com/webinars

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