December 7th, 2018 Dear Unitarian Universalists Who Desire Economic Justice in Our Nation, Our 2018 U.S. midterm elections are over, and whether or not the candidates we wanted were elected, we still have much work to do to achieve economic justice. And so, please donate as generously as you can to enable us, Unitarian Universalists for A Just Economic Community, to strengthen our work engaging, educating and inspiring UUs to become activists for social justice. Over the last year we co-sponsored: • “A Conversation with Chuck Collins” in Bedford, MA; “Actions to Do at Home” in Salisbury, MA; “Insist on Justice: Resist Inequality,” conference in Evanston, IL; “Focus on Fairness, Opening the Door on Income Inequality” with Chuck Collins, senior scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies, and author speaking on income inequality and its ills; Lawrence University economics professor Dylan Fitz speaking on “The causes and solutions to economic and wealth inequality” where a candidate forum was held; and • supported the development of the “Medicare for All Calculator” that enables us to understand what our actual costs would be if single-payer health care were to become a reality; • offered 30% discounts on Chuck Collins’s “Is Inequality in America Irreversible?” and Sam Pizzigati’s “The Case for A Maximum Wage;” • continued to offer our Escalating Inequality curriculum for use in UU congregations; • maintained an online forum for the exchange of ideas; and • awarded the Unitarian Church of Evanston, IL, and We produced monthly webinars (informational programs with speakers and audience participation on the internet — programs that are still available for you to view and hear through on subjects including: • 4 ways to get our voices heard; • a public bank for New Jersey; • healthcare for everybody; • a way to figure how much you’d save if single-payer healthcare were the law of the land and implemented; • workers organizing in the current political climate; • the Interfaith March for Peace and Justice; These programs and initiatives were developed with the very able assistance of our outgoing Administrator, Rachel Bennet Steury. She is currently working alongside our incoming administrator, Christopher Sims, as we seek to continue our collective efforts with renewed energy and steadfast dedication to justice. Our healthcare and racial equity work in 2018 has been supported by a one-year grant from Live Oak UU Church, Cedar Park, TX. We plan to accomplish at least as much in the coming year as we did the last. Given the election results which portend progress toward universal healthcare and infrastructure (read employment development), we will use your contributions toward another conference in DC to strategize our legislative agenda, and toward operating expenses. Our goal is $12,000 in individual and congregational donations. We welcome your ideas and news of your local advocacy toward economic justice. We hope you will volunteer to fill the roles of UUJEC, including joining committees (such as membership development or conference planning), task forces (healthcare justice, fair labor, wage, and tax policies), or joining our Board. We also welcome financial support for our work. If your congregation gives grants for UU social justice, we’d love to hear of that too. Please make your generous checks out to the UUJEC, and send them to UUJEC-Bannor, 2701 West Fitch Avenue, Chicago, IL 60665-20014, or online, Thank you for what you will do. Sincerely, UUJEC Co-Chairs, Sally Jane Gellert and Terry Lowman

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