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  • Universal Love in Action: Homecoming
  • Joyous Women Spiritual Retreat: Let The Spirit Flow
  • The Gifts of Grief: Grief as Sacred Work
Your 1st Opportunity: to be Inspired!
Universal Love in Action: Homecoming 2018
September 28th to 30th
Pat Lamanna and Sharleen Leahey will provide a Friday night concert of historical, contemporary and original songs about women’s suffrage and other contemporary struggles.
Rev. Robin Tanner and her co-leader of NJ Prophetic Agenda Rev. Charles Boyer will be the Saturday theme speakers.
Saturday workshops will include:
  • Gary Nissenbaum will offer a workshop on fundraising for social justice.
  • Rev. Rob Gregson, UU Faith Action New Jersey will offer a workshop/training on advocacy.
  • Marissa A. Gutierrez-Vicario, UU College of Social Justice will offer a workshop.
Rev. Richard Gilbert will preach on Sunday morning for which Natasha Steinmacher will play the organ in the chapel.
Music will be provided throughout the weekend by small groups from various UU congregations.
Click here for more information and watch our website as this dynamic weekend develops.
Ladies! Your Personal Opportunity for Joy
Joyous Women Spiritual Retreat
November 2nd to 4th
Let The Spirit Flow
Women’s Creativity Retreat
Join old friends and new, sharing quality time, reflection, and laughter. Offering a series of spiritual workshops with a focus on creativity by Rev. Craig Hirshberg, healthy and delicious meals throughout the weekend and a safe place for relaxation and creativity.

Come Heal Your Heart
The Gifts of Grief: Grief as Sacred Work
November 9th to 11th

Are you feeling overwhelmed by a personal loss? Are you feeling uncertainties of our global crises? These experiences need not result in despair or helplessness. We may resist grieving due to fears of getting stuck in our emotional pain. We might resign ourselves to “time heals all wounds”. Many people do.
In a supportive community, the experience of grieving can be made conscious and empowering. We can intentionally open to the unexpected gifts of meaning, joy, and purpose inherent in what we most dread.
Facilitated by Terry & Jan Chapman.
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