Murray Grove Retreat Center

What the World URGENTLY needs now is
Murray Grove Grow as a
Center for Social Justice starting with
Murray Grove Homecoming 2018
September 28th to 30th
“Universal Love in Action”
Inspirational Speakers are Leaders of NJ Prophetic Initiative:

Rev. Robin Tanner

Rev. Charles Boyer
Workshops offering tools to equip effective social action:

Rev. Rob Gregson
“Becoming Effective Advocates”

Gary Nissenbaum, Esq.
“Fundraising for Social Justice”
2018 is a year of great promise for Murray Grove as we initiate our new 5 year vision dedicated to refresh and expand Murray Grove services, programs and facilities. Social Justice groups have always been drawn to Murray Grove. Homecoming this year supports this work very intentionally. Homecoming will also showcase the improvements in facilities and services already in place and what we hope to achieve over the next five years.
YOUR generosity will kick off the 5 year vision at Homecoming.
These are examples of how your donations can help.
  • $5,000 Upgrade bathrooms in Weakley Guest House
  • $2,500 Air condition 5 rooms
  • $1,000 50 hours of professional staff time
  • $ 750 30 hours of marketing efforts
  • $ 500 Sponsor an inspirational speaker
  • $ 250 Sponsor a workshop leader
  • $ 100 Scholarship for one family
  • $ 50 Materials
Your contribution will also help Murray Grove celebrate the 250th anniversary of Universalism in America in 2020, which started right here at Murray Grove!
Click here to read testimonials of the impact Murray Grove makes on the people who retreat here.
Help us continue to make a difference for them, and countless others.

With love from all of us at Murray Grove!
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