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CUUPS Bulletin – May 2018

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A Word from the President
General Assembly Solstice Ritual, & Affinity Group
Covenants Between Chapters & Congregations
Membership & Chapter Renewals
2018 CUUPS Annual Meeting Online

2018 CUUPS Annual Meeting Online
Saturday, July 14, 2018
at 2:00 pm Eastern, 
1:00 pm Central,
12 noon Mountain,
11:00 am Pacific
This meeting is open to all paid members of CUUPS, Inc. The call can welcome 100 callers. We suggest members in the same area gather together for the call. The Annual Report and Instructions on how to log into the Zoom Video Conference will be sent 30 days before the meeting. Watch your email!
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Staff & Board of Trustees
Executive Director
David Pollard

Corporate Officers:

President & Communications
Jerrie Hildebrand
VP of Membership
Deborah Gilbert
Pamela Backstrom
General Assembly Liaison
Imari Kariotis
Ministerial & Right Relations
Om Prakash
 (Rev. John Gilmore)
Curriculum Development
MJ Van Steenberg
Cynthia Talbot

Beltaine Maypole © Kishgraphics
Blessings to you all in this Beltaine season! Wow! It has been a crazy Winter season here in the Northeastern part of the country! We went from warm temperatures in February, to piles and piles of snow in March. My family joked about Mother Earth needing time to sleep in this year. Finally though, it is looking like the Earth and Spring it awake with warmer temperatures, the scent of flowers, leaves on the trees, and multiple flowers growing in the garden. My yard is awake with the sounds of birds, the squirrels hurrying about, and a visit in the night from the skunk and raccoons.
With all of this Spring energy, the CUUPS board is working on General Assembly programming. This seems to be the time of year I notice what seeds need to be planted everyplace in life. One thing noted is we need to create a plan to board members and staff moving on, organizational development, and general things that welcome the next generation of leaders into our ranks. I would welcome anyone who has experience in planning this to please contact me. I would love to hear about your experiences.
Calling for Board Members & Committee Members!
We would love to invite members to participate on the board of trustees for CUUPS. We will be voting for new board members this Fall 2018. We will be adding 3-4 board members to the team. To do this you must be a member of CUUPS, and be willing to support a great organization.  Please contact me if you are interested in participating on the board at
Committee Members also need to be members of the organization and willing to come work on some fun teams.  Some of the projects in need of expertise…liturgy and resource development, volunteer coordinating, organizational development, member/chapter support, creating materials for those who are incarcerated, and so many more things. If you have a great idea, this may be an opportunity to express it. Contact us at to participate.
New Website Coming 
After much deliberation, we will be moving our website to a company that allows us to better serve our members and chapters. We can do polling, surveys, elections, membership renewals, and so much more.
The vision is for a section of the website to be dedicated to Chapter Events. A place for chapters to list what they have going on, when circles are, and where holiday celebrations are happening. It would be set up for chapter leaders to log on and put this in. It would be moderated so only chapters can participate.
We will also have a mobile version of the site on this new platform. It will give us better ease in editing, and we can work on is as a team. It is all very exciting.
Enjoy this newsletter. 
Blessings of Warmth!

General Assembly Solstice Ritual, Table Volunteers, & Affinity Group Program
Volunteers at the CUUPS Table
We are inviting anyone who would like to spend some time volunteering at to come support us. It is a great way to meet other UU Pagans and Earth and Nature Centered people, share about CUUPS, and support those searching and inquiring into what UU Paganism really is. The table will be in the Exhibit Hall. Contact David Pollard.
Summer Solstice Ritual
We will be celebrating the beginning of Summer on Saturday, June 23, 2018 at General Assembly from 3:00 to 4:00pm in room 2501B in the Convention Center.
We will gather individually and collectively to honor the interdependent web of life by transforming acts of justice, love, and energy to dismantle mundane barriers and transform and raise energies while honoring the full humanity of those gathered.
If you wish to participate in the creation or presentation of the ritual, please contact Imari Kariotis by June 15.
CUUPS Affinity Group
This year General Assembly is having Affinity Groups. CUUPS will have theirs on Friday, June 22 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. in room 2501A in the Convention Center. The discussion will be facilitated by Jerrie Hildebrand, Om Prakash (Rev. John Gilmore), and David Pollard.
The discussion will be about Earth-centered and Pagan expressions in Unitarian Universalism are often focused on Euro-centric traditions. We inquire and dialogue about how we individually, congregational, and as a denomination can learn more about and appreciate the variety of traditions celebrating and honoring the sacredness of the planet we live on.
Got a CUUPS Chapter in Your Congregation?

The relationship between chapters and their congregations exists inside of a covenant, a promise which supports one another, the congregation, the growth of the community, and UU principles and purposes.  If your chapter and congregation needs support creating a one Om Prakash and Deb Gilbert can help you with this process.

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