Minister’s Musings April 2018

Dear Ones-

I love Spring. There is just something so wonderful about the lengthening of days, the warming weather, the blossoming of flowers and trees. The ground is warming, the sun is shining and so much of life is emerging from the long Winter’s sleep.  It just seems the world becomes a little more hopeful, more positive.  I think that’s why this month’s theme, “Emerge” seems so appropriate to me.

We, too, emerge, don’t we? Each day we wake to a new day, a new possibility.  As long as we live, there is the possibility that life will be different, better, more hopeful.

So what will emerge for you this month?

Will it be a sense of the“birthing and mirthing” of the world (April 1)? A sense that with the blooming comes an additional “great cosmic joke”?  After all, life is both joyous and painful, isn’t it?   The birth of a child is both one of the most painful experiences a woman can go through, and often the most joyous.

Life is difficult- we all understand that. But there are often wonderful opportunities for laughter, even in the midst of the pain.  What would your life look like if it were lived with a sense of humor and joy?

Or will you spend the month “letting go” (April 8)? What would you let go of?  Would you let go of habits that no longer serve you or toxic relationships?  Will you let go of the pain of a troubled past or a broken heart?  Will you let go of any of the “stumbling blocks” in your life that keep you for living a full, happy and engaged life?  What would your life look like if you “let go”?

Perhaps this month you’ll focus on the transformation that must occur whenever something emerges (April 15). When a seed emerges from the ground, it transforms into a plant.  When a butterfly emerges from its cocoon, it has transformed into something very different.  Emerging, like a kind of resurrection, requires being transformed.  What would your life look like if it were truly transformed?

Or maybe you’ll want to focus on what may be germinating in your life (April 22). What lies under the surface for you?  What is dormant, waiting for these warming days to stir and bring it to life?  This month may provide a good opportunity to look at those things waiting for our attention.  What would your life look like if you recognized those things that are germinating beneath the surface?

Whatever emerges this month, whether it is for you personally or for us collectively, we do know this: there is a connection that cannot be denied (April 29). We are all interconnected in ways both large and small.  We share a common destiny.  As a community, we share values and principles.  We accept, respect and support each other in ways both large and small.  We each, in our own way, strive to best of our ability to take religious questions seriously.  And we have, at the core of our shared values, a commitment to making the world a more just place.  What would our lives look like if we truly lived them in a way that was mindful of the interconnections we all have?

However you answer these questions, it is my fervent hope that, in this beautiful Spring month, something will emerge for you that stirs your heart and soul.

I leave you with this quotation from Rev Eric Williams:

We all emerge from

dwell within

are transformed by

and called back to Love.


May your mind be humbled before this Mystery.

May your heart grow hopeful by it.

May you be sustained by this Love always.


Wishing you peace and blessings,

Rev John

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