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At yesterday’s advocacy day in Annapolis, volunteers from FreeState Justice and the Human Rights Campaign spoke with dozens of legislative offices.  We called on our legislators to protect LGBTQ youth in Maryland by supporting bills that would prohibit the harmful practice of conversion therapy and support services for youth experiencing homelessness.  We are grateful for the passion and energy of our volunteer advocates.

FreeState Justice is partenring with the Homeless Persons Representation Project and Youth Empowered Society to push for housing and services for youth experiencing homelessness.

Tell the House of Delegates Appropriations Committee to VOTE YES on HB 1224 – the Ending Youth Homelessness Act!

Every night in Maryland, thousands of youth are without the safety, stability, and support of family and a home. Up to 40% of youth experiencing homelessness identify as LGBTQ. Homelessness at this critical life stage jeopardizes their health and well-being, and leaves them vulnerable to exploitation and adult homelessness. This is unacceptable.

HB 1224 will create a grant program at the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development to fund housing and services for youth experiencing homelessness. This state investment will ensure that LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness are able to meet their immediate needs and pursue their long-term goals. Every youth in Maryland should have a chance to thrive.


House Appropriations Committee Chairperson Maggie McIntosh with advocates asking the Committee to help house our youth!

Call the Delegates on the Appropriations Committee now and say:

“It’s time to end youth homelessness! Pass HB 1224 and HOUSE OUR YOUTH!”

Del. Maggie McIntosh 410-323-4052
Del. Tawanna Gaines 410-841-3058
Del. Ben Barnes 410-841-3346
Del. Wendell Beitzel 410-841-3356
Del. Mary Beth Carozza 410-841-3356
Del. Mark Chang 410-841-3511
Del. Barrie Ciliberti 410-841-3511
Del. Jefferson Ghrist 410-841-3555
Del. Robin Grammer 410-841-3298
Del. Ana Sol Gutierrez 410-841-3181
Del. Keith Haynes 410-841-3801
Del. Shelly Hettleman 410-841-3833
Del. Michael Jackson 410-841-3103
Del. Adrienne Jones 410-841-3391
Del. Marc Korman 410-841-3649
Del. Carol Krimm 410-841-3472
Del. Clarence Lam 410-841-3205
Del. Brooke Lierman 410-841-3319
Del. Tony McConkey 410-841-3406
Del. Mike McKay 410-841-3321
Del. Aruna Miller 410-841-3090
Del. Kirill Reznik 410-841-3039
Del. Theodore Sophocleus 410-841-3372
Del. Geraldine Valentino-Smith 410-841-3101
Del. David Vogt 410-841-3118
Del. Pat Young 410-841-3544

 If you’re interested in volunteering with us, please visit!

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