Minister’s Musings March 2018

Dear Ones- Our theme for March is “Moving Out of Scare City”- a rather clever (to my mind, at least) play on “scarcity”. Interestingly, both of these ideas have to do with “fear”.  A culture of scarcity is, of course, built on a foundation of fear and the idea that “there’s not enough”.  This attitude then logically leads to hoarding, building walls and barriers, and doing whatever it takes to “protect what is mine”.

This sense that there is not enough drives greed, fear and exclusionary behavior. We begin to live in “Scare City” where it seems that death, starvation, feelings of being overwhelmed and swallowed up can lurk around every corner.

This is a closed, miserly approach to life.

Please don’t misunderstand- I know there ARE times of very real want and shortage. There are difficult, desperate times.  People die, wars erupt, forest fires ignite- these are all potential outcomes when there is “not enough”.

But the good news is that this is mostly an illusion, an attitude.

Even if there is little, usually we “have enough”.

A spiritual journey into the truth of abundance offers us an alternative vision of where to live our lives. This month, as we begin our annual pledge drive and envision accomplishments for our Fellowship in the coming year, we would do well to focus on how we might live lives of abundance. This will help us to “Move Out of Scare City” and travel to the vast, open habitats of grace and abundance.

We’ll begin on March 4 with “Towers of Power”. Worship Associate Page Kimball and I will begin to explore both the sources and abuses of power, confront the myth of scarcity, and focus on abundance.

Our special musical guests will be Katherine Munson and Silas Casio.

On March 11, our friend Chrys Egan and Worship Associate Sue Bromm will connect to “Around Every Corner”. Girls and women are often surrounded by messages that encourage feelings of inadequacy and being “less than”..  Like walking down dark, winding and narrow alleyways in Scare City, we can move through our lives in fear of what might be lurking around every corner.  It this service Chrys and Sue will explore some of the things that are being done to help girls move out of “Scare City” and develop skills in leadership and innovation.

On March 18 we’ll think about “Altars Everywhere”. There’s a wonderful song by UU musician Peter Mayer titled “Everything is Holy Now”.   Part of moving out of “Scare City” is the realization that everything CAN be holy.  This attitude will help us build the world we hope to see- the “beloved community”.  Since this is in the middle of our pledge drive, Worship Associate Shane Blaz and I will focus on the question “How can we offer radical generosity to transform the places where we are?” Hint: We won’t ONLY be talking about money!

Our theme for March 25 is “The Other Side of the Tracks”. Our own Liz Dale and Worship Associate Ron Pagano will be considering the larger world and how we, as a community through the UU Service Committee, can help those on “the other side of the tracks”- particularly those who are most affected by climate change..


It looks to be a great month of worship services, and an added bonus- don’t miss this year’s annual dinner! It promises to be a great time!


Wishing you peace and blessings,

Rev John

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