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CUUPS Bulletin – February 2018

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A Word from the President * Update on CUUPS Blog
2018 Convocation Canceled * Amazon Smile
For Ministers & Congregations with CUUPS Chapters
 Summer Solstice at 2018 General Assembly
 UU Pagan and Earth/Nature Centered Books
Membership & Chapter Renewals

2018 Canceled. 
Moving to 2019.
Due to very low registration numbers, the CUUPS board has canceled the 2018 CUUPS Convocation which was to be held April 20-22, 2018 in Fort Myers Florida.
We would like to reschedule it for either October or November of 2019. If your chapter is interested in working with us to create the event for the organization in your region please let us know.
Registrants, may receive a refund or we can apply it to the 2019 event.
To request your refund either email, or call the CUUPS Phoneline at 330-892-8877 and leave a message.

Participating in CUUPS
Become or renew your membership in CUUPS
Register your CUUPS Chapter and UU Pagan Group with us! If you are participating in a worship group at a UU Congregation that calls its self a CUUPS Chapter make sure your group is in right relationship with CUUPS-National, just as you are with your congregation. Visit the Chapter section of the website for information about how to create a chapter. It is a great way to support your congregation in its growth and commitment to serving your community at large.
Contact Debra for more information.
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Executive Director
David Pollard

Corporate Officers:

President & Communications
Jerrie Hildebrand
VP of Membership
Deborah Gilbert
Pamela Backstrom
General Assembly Liaison
Imari Kariotis
Ministerial & Right Relations
Om Prakash
 (Rev. John Gilmore)
Curriculum Development
MJ Van Steenberg
Cynthia Talbot

JK Hildebrand

Dear (Contact First Name),
The board has been very busy working in the organizational budget, preparing for General Assembly, and creating achievable goals for the year.
Canceling Convo
Canceling Convocation in Fort Myers, Florida was a difficult choice and the board really took time to discern everything. We are grateful to the Fort Myers CUUPS chapter, their minister, and congregation for the time they had put into the planning. We honor what it took to plan this, their experiences and rebuilding after the fall hurricanes and all of the personal things they have dealt with. We hope at some point coming to your wonderful city will be possible.
The Impact of World Affairs
We as a board have also struggled with the impact of world affairs for our members and families. Personally, all I can stay present to is that these are the times we were all made for. As a teacher, a parent, and a human being, all of this is at times overwhelming.  As a human being, the toll of what is happening in so many places leaves on with pause.
Our earth-centered roots and practices are grounding. The ocean, wildlife, birds, and gentle breezes offer their songs and sounds letting us know we are connected to something beyond our own thoughts and selves. As I listen to the geese heading north again, hope fills my heart. the woods have a peace. The open fields remind us of the depth and reach of our dreams. The people around us remind us we are okay. When I walk into my church rich in history since the late 1600’s, I feel the arms of the ancestors working to hold humanity every place.
Reach Out, Let Us Know 
Let us know how your chapters, and how your congregations are doing in these trying times. Send us your miracles, poems, articles, and so on for us to share with the larger membership. Together, we hold one another up.
Welcoming the Beginnings of Spring
As Spring comes around the corner, as the pussy willows begin to pop open, as the forsythia start to bud, may we each see new possibilities we can contribute to those around us. May our hearts open and find ways to create dialogue that allows our vision to open, and miracles to occur.
Enjoy this newsletter. 
Blessings of the Coming Spring!

Blog On UU Paganism & Earth Centered Spirituality Changes It’s Name!
CUUPS has edited a blog on the Patheos Multi-Faith Website for the past three years, under the name “Nature’s Path.” This is also a trademark for a internationally known cereal company, who had requested we change our blog’s name.

Effective immediately, our blog, which covers UU-Paganism and Earth-Centered Spirituality is known as Nature’s Sacred Journey. We are excited to have a name that reflects and represents Unitarian Universalist Pagan and Earth Centered voices, thoughts, and journeys in a broader way.  It represents Earth-Centered traditions of many kinds, from many places, and hearts. Over 400 articles written since January 2015 are also available there.
We’d like to thank Jason Mankey, who is Patheos’s Pagan Channel editor for his feedback, guidance and patience during renaming process. We would also like to offer our gratitude to the thousands of people who have read the blog over the years and welcome your continued support. Please share links to the blog and the articles posted there.
If you wish to write for the blog or have further questions about it, let our Executive Director and Blog Editor, David Pollard at
Shop Amazon Smile & Donate to CUUPS

If you shop at Amazon, you can support CUUPS by going to the CUUPS. Click Here to go the the page!

This connects to the Amazon Smile program, so that when you shop at Amazon using that bookmark, Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price to the Covenant Of Unitarian Universalist Pagans.

This doesn’t cost you any extra money, and you don’t even have to be a member to do it!

Are You a Minister with a
CUUPS Chapter in Your Congregation?

Rev. Om Prakash (John Gilmore) is the board member working with Ministers who have CUUPS Chapter affiliated with their congregations and works with chapters who need support in working with the congregations.

Rev. Prakash is there to support chapters and congregations in creating covenants with one another, work through any conflicts that present themselves, and support chapters and congregations in creating teamwork together.

We are thrilled to have Om Prakash on the board. To reach him contact us.
CUUPS at General Assembly in Kansas City
The CUUPS Summer Solstice Ritual for GA 2018 has been confirmed. We welcome anyone interested in supporting the ritual who live in the Kansas City area or nearby are invited to contact Imari Kariotis. Imari is our GA Liaison and Coordinator. 

Books on UU Paganism

Pagan & Earth-Centered
Voices in Unitarian Universalism    
Skinner House Books compiled with editors and authors, Rev. Shirley Ranck and Rev. Jerrie Hildebrand, a collection of 22 essays by Pagan and Earth-Centered Unitarian Universalists and their allies on the different facets of religious and spiritual thought within Unitarian Universalism.
The book features writings of clergy and lay people in a vibrant collection of personal expressions. Described are a broad range of practices, traditions, ceremonies, rituals, and celebrations; the divine feminine and masculine, and their sense of harmony and balance with their worlds. Contributors also describe the growth of nature-based theo/alogy within UUism, the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans, the Sixth Source in the UUA, and the integrating Earth/Nature Centered practices into congregational life.
Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans, 479 Harwood Road, Hurst, TX 76054

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