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Last month, FreeState Justice was thrilled to announce the launch of the Maryland LGBTQ Legal Defense Fund. 2017 has shown us that, in Maryland, we are not immune from recent federal actions rescinding protections for transgender students, condoning bigotry masked as religious belief, advocating for discrimination in court, and targeting transgender service members. Now is the time for our community to come together to confront vitriolic national rhetoric and defend equality in our state. If you haven’t already made a contribution this year, I hope you will join us in that fight by donating to this new Fund before the year ends.

Every dollar donated to the Fund helps provide free legal representation to LGBTQ Marylanders facing discrimination who cannot otherwise afford it. With growing requests for assistance from our community across Maryland, your contribution will help provide the resources to recruit and train volunteer attorneys and ensure people are defended when their rights are violated.

Our work is only possible because of tireless volunteers and generous contributors. Will you join us as we start a new year?  Your support means so much to our community, especially those we serve who are most at risk of discrimination.

My best,

Mark Procopio

Executive DirectorFreeState Justice
231 E. Baltimore St., Suite 1100, Baltimore, MD 21202


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