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CUUPS Bulletin – December 2018

In This Issue: 

A Word from the President & Executive Director 2018 CUUPS Convocation * CUUPS Media Update
Meadville-Lombard’s CUUPS Archives Project
 UU Pagan and Earth/Nature Centered Books
Membership & Chapter Renewals
Creating a New CUUPS Chapter

CUUPS Convocation 2018
Coming up in 2018, we will gather in sunny Ft. Myers, Florida on Earth Day Weekend, April 20-22, 2018.
Early bird registration ends on Dec. 31, 2017. The rates go up on January 1, 2018Register today by clicking here! 

The speakers will be:
Betty Osceola is a member of the Miccosukee Tribe and Panther clan in Florida, an environmental activist, and a grandmother. She teaches about environmental issues and the economy in the Everglades, and brings incredible wisdom to those interested in caring for our planet.
John Beckett is a Druid graduate of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, and a member of Ár nDraíocht Féin and member of the Denton, Texas CUUPS Chapter.
There will be other speakers, workshops, and rituals throughout the weekend. Meals are included on Friday and Saturday. Young people are welcome. 
The team is working with area hotels reserving room blocks. There is camping on site though there are no showers. There are restroom facilities.

The CUUPS Board and Ft. Myers chapter look forward to seeing you all! Register today!

Ways to Help CUUPS
Become, or renew your membership in CUUPS
Membership comes in three kinds:
1 year $25 / 3 years $60
Lifetime $400.
CUUPS is a membership organization, so it’s from the members where we get our leadership, direction  and great ideas from.
Shop at the CUUPS page. If you shop at Amazon you can support CUUPS by going to the link of our store. Click Here to go the the page!
This connects to the Amazon Smile program, so that when you shop at Amazon using that bookmark, Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price to the Covenant Of Unitarian Universalist Pagans. This doesn’t cost you any extra money, and you don’t even have to be a member to do it!
Register your CUUPS Chapter with us! If you are participating in a worship group at a UU Congregation that calls its self a CUUPS Chapter make sure your group is in right relationship with CUUPS-National, just as you are with your congregation. Visit the Chapter section of the website for information about how to create a chapter. It is a great way to support your congregation in its growth and commitment to serving your community at large.
After all, we can’t tell people about your chapter if we don’t know that you exist! If you need support contact Debra.
Come play and participate on one of our committees. We have so many things for volunteers to support us with. See the article on everything we see currently as a place to participate!

What’s Happening 
with CUUPS Media?
There are many ways to contact CUUPS these days. There is a very active  CUUPS Facebook Page, consisting of approximately 17,000 participants.  It is updated several times a day with postings from UU-Pagans and other news of interest. CUUPS Facebook Discussion Group where over 3,800 people talk about issues relevant to CUUPS. For those attending GA 2018 in Kansas City we have a CUUPS at General Assembly page.
AtCUUPS Podcasts you can hear interviews, presentations, and workshops presented by a variety of UU Pagans and their allies from Convocations and General Assemblies from the past.
Our blog Nature’s Path: Celebrating UU-Paganism & Earth-Centered Experience 

is seeking additional authors who represent the wide diversity and depth found within UU-Paganism and Earth-Centered Spirituality.  If you are a UU not on a traditional European path we would love to hear from you! The board is working to be inclusive of the many traditions for ALL.
In just over two years Nature’s Path has featured nearly 400 articles by UU-Pagans making Patheos the largest repository of UU-Pagan writings in the world.
For more information contact
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Executive Director
David Pollard

Corporate Officers:

President & Communications
Jerrie Hildebrand
VP of Membership
Deborah Gilbert
Pamela Backstrom
General Assembly Liaison
Imari Kariotis
Ministerial & Right Relations
Om Prakash
 (Rev. John Gilmore)
Curriculum Development
MJ Van Steenberg
Cynthia Talbot
Dear UU Fellowship,

Welcome to the December 2017 issue of the CUUPS Bulletin. Starting this year the CUUPS Board of Trustees and Communications team have decided to create a monthly newsletter for you. It will educate all of our wonderful colleagues, UU ministers, friends and members about the work of the organization and let you know what you can do to support CUUPS. 
You have spoken and we are implementing this newsletter to serve you, your CUUPS Chapters and congregations. 
It has been  year and this is a bit of a busy issue. Here are a few of this month’s highlights:
  • CUUPS is curating a blog on UU-Paganism on and there’s been some great stuff posted there!
  • CUUPS 2018 Convocation planning is underway for Earth Day Weekend 2018 in Fort Myers, Florida.
  • At the CUUPS Annual Meeting at GA, you voted to change our Bylaws so that they include the new Mission Vision Statement which came out of our Revisioning Process.
  • New board members with specific accountabilities were installed.
  • A new president for the organization was elected by the board.

We hope you will enjoy this new adventure for the organization. If you chapters are doing fun and special things let us know so we can share with others. If you are a UU Pagan with practices, tips and tidbits to share let us know. You are valued and an important part of the organization.

JK Hildebrand

From the President…
Hello everyone! As many of you may or may not know, our former president stepped down in August to give more attention to her ministry. I so appreciate the structures put in place during her tenure. It is allowing the new board to run smoothly.
I wanted to share about the new board a bit and the things we are prioritizing now. One thing I saw as a long time CUUPS member is that goals and timelines were not bring met and the board was overwhelmed. I have asked the board to create a list of goals they can stand behind and accomplish this year on time. It is what serves you the membership and ultimately the organization and UU Paganism over all.
So given that, here are the committees we currently have. If something speaks to you and you want to participate and contribute let us know!
Membership & Chapter Support – Debra Gilbert, Chair
This committee will be prioritizing member outreach and supporting chapters. For groups in congregations who are not chapters and want to become one, this committee will be your support in what is needed to have this happen. They also will be working with the Church of the Larger Fellowship in developing materials for people in incarcerated settings who are UU Pagan or Earth/Nature Centered in their faith orientation. 
Ministerial Liaison – Rev. Om Prakash (John Gilmore), Chair
This committee is all about the relationship of chapters and Pagan groups within congregations who need support, outreach to UU Ministers looking for resources, and supporting conflicts that may occur between chapters or Pagan groups within a congregation. They will support chapters in developing covenants between themselves and their congregations if needed. This committee is also going to be doing outreach to continue creating partnerships with other key UU groups such as BLUU, DRUMM, UUNIA, the UU Women’s Federation, and others.
Curriculum Development – MJ Van Steenburg, Chair
The one request we hear over and over is from churches wanting curriculum we have developed as the organization associated with Paganism in the UUA. So this wonderful group of people are taking this on. Compiling what is currently available, and creating new ones. The goal is to have these available through CUUPS to honor our commitment to congregations wishing to learn more.
Bylaws Committee – Cynthia Talbot, Chair
Organizational documents such as bylaws need review periodically to make sure the vision and mission of the organization is current. This committee will be reviewing the bylaws and looking at what is next in our changing world for the organization.
General Assembly – Imari Nuyen-Kariotis, Chair
Do you love organizing events at large scale gatherings? Then this is the place for you. This team supports caring for the booth at General Assembly, making sure we have a space for rituals, and submitting proposals for programs.
Convocation Planning 
Convocation moves around the country and is a great way to showcase your region. This is generally a place for chapter leaders and their groups to step up and create a fun event for the organization.
Current Need…
Currently we are in need of three members from around the country to serve on the Nominating Committee. You should be someone with a wide outreach to other UU Pagans, resourceful, and can support finding great new people to serve on the board.
We are also looking for a Treasurer. You will work closely with the Executive Director and President in this role. This is not currently a board position.
Got Ideas???
If you don’t see a place to participate or contribute, let us know what you would like to see for the future.
We would love to have you support! For more information contact Jerrie or David.
Many Thanks…
I want to thank you all for what we have created and are envisioning for the future of the organization. This time of year I am ever so present to the miracles that are all around us daily. To me, you our members, your ideas, the gift you are to your congregations, and communities are the miracles.
I look forward to serving as your president. Feel free to contact me at my CUUPS Email Address.
Blessings of the Winter!

CUUPS Collaborating with Meadville-Lombard 
on UU Pagan Archival Project
CUUPS has agreed to collaborate with Meadville Lombard’s Seminary Library  to archive the history of CUUPS and the contributions of UU Pagans and Earth-Centered/Nature Centered thinkers and works. As many other communities like ours around the country, there is a hunger for such information to be available for academic use and research. 
One need we have currently to get started is to get copies of the first three years of our PaganNUUS. These were newsletters produced between the years of 1986-1990. If you happen to have any of these, you can send them to the CUUPS mailing address or scan them to send electronic files to the Executive Director. 
Currently, we have some of the old recordings of lectures from past General Assemblies and Convocations, newsletters from 1996-1999, and information on a few convocations. 
The other part of this project is for our UU Pagan community of ministers, authors, writers, and ritualistic to archive their CUUPS, UU Pagan, or Earth/Nature Centered materials such as sermons, articles, etc. 
We are very excited to be working on this finally. We will keep you all informed as it all unfolds. In the meantime, contact our Executive Director, David Pollard for information and if you have materials to donate.

CUUPS Members Voted for Bylaw Changes
The CUUPS Board of Trustees proposed to update the Bylaws to reflect the updated Mission/Vision as approved by the membership. It involves deleting the current “Article III” and replacing it with a new “Article III”. You can see our current bylaws.
In listening to you our members, the Mission Vision team are proposed a small edit to the Mission Vision Statement which you can see by clicking the link.
The proposal was voted on via an online vote.

Pagan & Earth-Centered Books for Your Library
Pagan & Earth-Centered Voices 
in Unitarian Universalism   
Editors, Jerrie Hildebrand & Shirley Ranck 
Skinner House Books compiled with editors and authors, Rev. Shirley Ranck and Rev. Jerrie Hildebrand, a collection of 22 essays by Pagan and Earth-Centered Unitarian Universalists and their allies on the different facets of religious and spiritual thought within Unitarian Universalism.
The book features writings of clergy and lay people in a vibrant collection of personal expressions. Described are a broad range of practices, traditions, ceremonies, rituals, and celebrations; the divine feminine and masculine, and their sense of harmony and balance with their worlds. Contributors also describe the growth of nature-based theo/alogy within UUism, the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans, the Sixth Source in the UUA, and the integrating Earth/Nature Centered practices into congregational life.
The Path of Paganism by 
John Beckett
From the popular blog Under the Ancient Oaks, author John Beckett, a former CUUPS board member has written a book of the wisdoms learned. John presents at Pagan conferences, festivals and gatherings around the country and works with the Denton, Texas CUUPS Chapter.
“The Path of  Paganism” provides practical advice and support for honoring your values and living with authenticity as a Pagan mainstream Western culture. 

It challenges the assumptions of mainstream society and strengthens your relationships with the the universe, god/desses, your community, and your self.
Book Cover for The World is Your Oracle
The World is Your Oracle by Nancy Vedder-Shults

The World is Your Oracle by UU Nancy Vedder-Shults, Ph.D. is about the use of ancient and contemporary divination. Her work in women’s theology, music, and spiritual growth earned her a place in the Wisdom Keepers of the Goddess Spirituality Movement by the SageWoman magazine along with such luminaries as Alice Walker, Starhawk, Lynn Andrews, and Sue Monk Kidd.  

The book presents multicultural techniques from around the world–both ancient and contemporary–designed for each individual’s unique situation, desire, or intuitive style.

Aisha’s Moonlit Walk by Anika Stafford

Delight in following Aisha and her family and friends as they celebrate the eight pagan holidays over the course of a year. Told in Aisha’s own words, these charming stories bring to life the beliefs, values and traditions of the pagan holidays as they are celebrated today. Included are discussion points and activities suited for adults and children and designed for family and group settings. Educational and interactive, the book is ideal for parents, RE teachers and anyone who wishes to celebrate the passing of the seasons in an earth-based spiritual way.

To order these books and other products via Amazon,
we invite you to order through the CUUPS Amazon Site;
Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans, 479 Harwood Road, Hurst, TX 76054

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