Tax Policy Follow-Up

Thank you for attending the UUJEC/UUSJ webinar “Tax Cuts for the Wealthy. Guess who picks up the tab?” presented by Will Rice, Policy Consultant with Americans for Tax Fairness.  Will’s presentation slides are available for you to review and share with your congregation here.

To learn more about the tax debate underway in Congress and across the country, please visit the web resources Will provided below.  To stay connected with Americans for Tax Fairness you can visit their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter @4taxfairness. 

Also, check out UUSJ’s advocacy page “Say No to Fake Tax Reform!” to get UU background on the issue, talking points and resources. Their letter-writing toolkit “Write Here! Right Now!” can be used to let officials know how our faith and values compel us to seek a more just and sustainable world.

It’s important to reach out to our Senators and Representatives on important issues like tax reform. Elected officials need to hear our voices, our faithful perspectives and our ideas for a more just nation. On the tax debate, Senators in Maine, Arizona, Alaska and Tennessee are particularly important to appeal to.  Please reach out to your Senators and Representatives and tell them:   

I strongly oppose the any tax bill that gives massive tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations that will be paid for by deep cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and education.

For more general information on GOP tax plans:

To find out how to get involved in the tax fight:

To read a section-by-section summary of the House bill as presented by its authors: https://waysandmeansforms.house.gov/uploadedfiles/tax_cuts_and_jobs_act_section_by_section_hr1.pdf 


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