Northern California Wildfires – UUA Disaster Relief Fund

Being described as “a serious, critical, catastrophic event,” the wild fires in Northern California continue to burn out of control.  The death toll is at 31 and climbing as hundreds are still missing, including members from our congregations in the area. Over 3,500 buildings have been lost.  At least eleven of the homes destroyed belonged to members of our congregations, including members who relocated to the area after losing everything in Hurricane Katrina. The loss of cherished animal companions has also been reported.

Between the recent hurricanes and these fires, this is when we remember that we belong to one another and that together we can do what we cannot do alone. Funds from the UUA Disaster Relief Fund will be made available to our effected congregations. Would you be good enough to consider a special collection and/or to pass this on to your members?

Donate to the UUA Disaster Relief Fund at


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