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With a new church year nearly upon us and a newly elected UUA president, many congregations and individuals are looking ahead at the future of Unitarian Universalism. We recommend these resources as you imagine and work toward the future of our faith.
Turning Point: Essays on a New Unitarian Universalism, edited by Fredric Muir 

Outlining a bold vision for the future of Unitarian Universalism, 20 leaders issue a clarion call for change. In inspiring, fresh essays, they implore us to collectively liberate ourselves from patterns that prevent us from becoming a robust faith for a new age. This essential new collection outlines a liberal faith for the twenty-first century and inspires trust that Unitarian Universalism can deepen and grow once again.

To Wake, To Rise: Meditations on Justice and Resilience, edited by William G. Sinkford
The 2017 edition of the inSpirit Series is an anthology of 29 poems, prayers, and reflections about resisting oppression and keeping the faith in social action work. Collected and introduced by William G. Sinkford, a former president of the UUA, and the first Black person to hold that position, these meditations are both a support for activists and a call to action in a new era of political and social division.
Class Action: The Struggle with Class in Unitarian Universalism by The Commission on Appraisal 
In a time of vast and growing social and economic inequality, the 2017 Commission on Appraisal examines the impact of class and classism on Unitarian Universalism. With its in-depth analysis of our faith’s history, theologies, and current structures and its final recommendations and resources for future work, Class Action is a must-read for all looking to live more fully into the faith and vision of Unitarian Universalism.

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