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 In the past few days, the LGBTQ community was targeted by the current administration in tweets attacking our transgender family and by the Department of Justice in filing a friend of the court brief arguing that anti-gay discrimination is legal under federal law.  We cannot let this stand.  The President’s tweets suggesting banning transgender people from military service put a target on the backs of the more than 15,000 transgender troops serving in our military with honor and distinction and the more than 134,000 transgender veterans who have already served.
These reprehensible actions are part of a pattern that targets our community among many others.  From removing guidance to schools about protecting transgender students, to abandoning federal lawsuits meant to ensure LGBTQ civil rights, to appointing radically homophobic and transphobic officials in postions of influence in federal agencies, the intent of these actions to limit our rights is clear.

So how can we fight back?
 Our team at FreeState Justice are hearing from a lot of concerned LGBTQ Marylanders and allies.  We are being asked every day what we all can do to resist these efforts to dehumanize us.
 1. In Maryland
 Support the work of FreeState Justice to protect and expand LGBTQ rights in Maryland.  The rights and protections that we’ve fought for and won in our state are our best protection against potential acts of the President and Congress.  And our work isn’t done.  From protecting trans kids in school to defending same-sex marriage benefits, we’re fighting each day for our community in Maryland.  Donate today.  Sign up to volunteer.  Follow us on Facebook.  Forward this email to a friend.
 2. At the federal level
 Join and support our national partners fighting these efforts.  Organizations like Lambda Legal, the National Center for Transgender Equality, the Equality Federation, the Human Rights Campaign, and the American Civil Liberties Union among others are mounting resistance to the administration’s anti-LGBTQ policies and actions.
 3. In your community
 Directly support the work of organizations supporting LGBTQ people in your community.  Organizations like the Baltimore Transgender Alliance, the GLCCB, the Frederick Center, the MoCo Pride Center, a local PFLAG chapter, and GLSEN Baltimore are just a few.  If you need help determining where to be connected to an organization in your county, you can email us at and we will do our best to help.
 If the moral arc of the universe bends towards justice, it only does so because we speak out, we act out, and we demand it to be so together.
Mark Procopio
Executive Director
 If you’re interested in volunteering with us, please visit!    
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