Social Media, Current Events and the Ministry Webinar

Social Media, Current Events and the Ministry Webinar

Tuesday, May 16, 201710:00 am to 11:00 am Type of event: Webinar

Sponsor: Central East Region of the UUA

When current events demand a response, social media provides a ready-made platform—a means for helping congregants and the larger community understand events in theological terms. But social media tools—in particular, Facebook and Twitter—come with risks for ministers. Some questions to consider:

In responding to current events…
* …What is the role of your individual Facebook/Twitter activity vs. that of your congregation’s official presence?
* …What parameters are needed to govern the use of a congregation’s official social media accounts?
* …How does your social media activity affect your engagement with congregants?

In this webinar, three ministers from the Washington, D.C., area will discuss how they navigate the thickets of social media and the way in which it is shaping their ministries.

This event is geared towards clergy and open to lay leaders.

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The participants:

Rev. David A. Miller, Senior Minister, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fairfax Rev. Amanda Poppei, Senior Leader, Washington Ethical Society Rev. Madelyn Campbell, Interim Minister, Bull Run Unitarian Universalists
Moderator: John Monroe, Intern minister, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Sterling

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