Moral GPS: Ethics for Our Multicultural World

Moral GPS: Ethics for Our Multicultural World

UUSD offers Moral GPS: Ethics for Our Multicultural World, a five-week series Thursday evenings 7:00 – 8:30 beginning May 25, led by Dr. Len Bowman.

Moral GPS builds on the time-honored metaphor of journey for the moral life. But since the moral life is lived together with others, it is a shared journey. And since we all live in the same world, that shared journey is on one global Moral Highway. More than a “moral compass” is needed on this Highway, for that can only tell you which way is north. In this series, we will attempt to build a Moral GPS to guide complex decision-making. In an obviously multicultural world, this Moral GPS must draw on ethical norms that can be applied across different cultures in order to provide that guidance.

Drawing from Dr. Bowman’s e-book, Moral GPS: A Positive Ethic for Our Multicultural World, the series examines moral decision-making as analogous to driving together on a global Moral Highway. The e-book is provided free of charge to all who participate in the series.

Following the pattern of a simple automotive GPS, the series starts by checking your location—where you are in your moral life and what’s around you. Next comes deciding where you want to go—goals in your moral life, as well as in a particular decision. Then choose your route: check out various moral theories and how they relate to each other in helping you arrive at your goal. Now you’re ready to go—make a good decision, often together with others. Finally, you want to be sure you’ve arrived at the destination you sought—in moral terms, accept accountability for your decision.

Tentative course schedule:

May 25: Getting started. Overview and “driver’s guide” to the Moral GPS. Quick preview of “driving practice” case.

June 1: Where are we? Mapping your moral location. Language and “the rules of the road.” Considering other drivers. Watch out for road hazards.

June 8: Where to? Goals and ideals—both personal and for society. and Choose Route. Ethical theories and how to use them.

June 15: Go! Working toward consensus using ethical values and theories. Managing obstructions. Decision.

No session June 22

June 29: Arriving at Destination. Accountability. Concluding discussion of “driving practice” case.

Len currently teaches at Johns Hopkins University, including the course “Ethics for a Multicultural World” in the University’s Master of Liberal Arts program. He has taught ethics, world religions and the philosophy of religion for over forty years. He holds a Ph.D. in theology from Fordham University.

Pre-registration (name and email address) is encouraged by contacting Dr. Bowman at so the Moral GPS e-book can be emailed to you before the series begins. A one-time $10 donation payable at the first class is requested for the series.

The course will be held at UUSD at 30486 Lewes Georgetown Highway, Lewes. Proceeds will support UUSD’s mission to nurture spiritual growth, embrace diversity, work for justice, and strive for a loving world. UUSD is a welcoming and progressive spiritual community. For more information, go to or contact Bowman at

“All will be well. All manner of things will be well.” Julian of Norwich

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