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In Faith for the Unbeliever, Rev. Daniel Chesney Kanter reflects on faith with keen analysis and insightful narratives from his own spiritual journey and the spiritual journeys of others. This small but powerful book invites readers on a similar journey as they reflect on what faith means to them. Faith for the Unbeliever is available to pre-order now with books expected to arrive at our warehouse on 5/31. (And they’ll be shipped out shortly after!)
Faith for the Unbeliever by Daniel Chesney Kanter
“With rational analysis and poignant stories, pilgrim and pastor Daniel Kanter looks at faith through four frames: belief and doubt, trust and distrust, loyalty and betrayal, plus our lifelong efforts to form a coherent worldview amidst constant change. Read, discuss, and you will find yourself wiser and more faithful than you were before.” -Rev. John Buehrens, author and past President of the UUA
The Senior Minister of First Unitarian Church of Dallas shares his reflections on faith, especially addressing those who are not traditionally religious. With simple poignancy, Kanter says that we can understand faith to be less about what we believe in, and more about how we live and the choices we make. He considers what living faithfully could mean for the unorthodox among us, using four areas of focus-belief, trust, loyalty, and worldview. With lively and engaging stories to illustrate ideas, and reflection questions after each chapter, this small book of wisdom helps to make faith more accessible for the increasing number of the “spiritual but not religious.”

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