Standing on the Side of Love

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Dear UU Fellowship at Salisbury,

While so many are struggling with the events of the past week, we’re sending love to you and yours at this hard time. This week, thousands of UU’s are headed to Columbus, OH for our General Assembly. We wanted to make sure that people received the public report we created based on the assessment we did of ‘Standing on the Side of Love’ from January to April 2016. Check out the Executive Report here.

When I took this job, I knew that my priority was to ask questions and listen before making any moves. I wanted the next chapter of Standing on the Side of Love to be informed by the congregations and individuals who loved it and had been using it as a way to put their faith in action. I also knew that I wanted a group of movement leaders–particularly spiritually-rooted activists in the Movement for Black Lives, Immigrant Rights, and LGBTQ Liberation–to inform us towards our next steps.

The result is this assessment report: full of quotes, insights, terms and ideas that the people we interviewed and surveyed so generously shared with us. We have used this report and our own vision and experience (as well as a month worth of information gathered from our UUA staff colleagues) to craft work for SSL in 2016 and early 2017. Click here to see the full report.

We wanted to make sure we did not wait any longer to release it because we want to give credit to the people who shared insights with us, and also because we want people to learn as much as we did from the conversations collected here.

Hope it is of interest to you.

Absolute best,

Caitlin Breedlove
Campaign Director, Standing on the Side of Love

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