Following Through – Homily

I offer a sermon of your choice

at Cookies and Carols each year

The winning bid will get a voice

in what they’d like to hear.

So I talked to the Smiths, whose bid it was

that topped all the others that night

And asked, “what would make your heart skip, or buzz

or maybe just give you a fright?

There were several thoughts they had that day

When I asked what they wanted to do

And on one perhaps there’d be something to say

Was a sermon on “following through”.

But I didn’t want to just give you a line

as important as I thought it might be

I wanted to try something special this time

and to do it while rhyming, you see.

So what does it mean to “follow through”

to be done, to finish, complete?

All too often the tasks that we started to do,

we stop short of those tasks at our feet.

So as I think any good researcher should

I consulted great Google for something good

that I could give you, or what you should do

and ideas that would help you in following through

and I found 5 pointers on the net

To achieve the goal you might want to get.

Step one, they say, was to be very bold

and have a grand vision of your goal

When you’re honest about what it is you’re seeking,

the steps to get there will need far less tweeking.

Understanding the sacrifice is step #2

and realize there’s only so much you can do

Being unrealistic just isn’t much fun

if other things that should be, aren’t done.

“Just do it” won’t work, the article said

you must plan all the steps and look far ahead

list all the moves, figure out what you’ll need

And get ready to set yourself up to succeed!

Step 4, is for deadlines to know when you’re done.

Breaking down all the steps one by one

then decide when each step really must be completed

so procrastination won’t be repeated

Be serious, they say, about the promise you make

Don’t say you’ll do something and then kinda flake

be honest, Don’t make promises you know you can’t keep

it’ll get you in trouble and you’ll loose lots of sleep

So often you get this wonderful thought

and on this idea, you chew it.

But then we forget to remember we aught

to ask, “who’s gonna do it?”

It seems such a good idea at the time

and we get all excited to see

when someone’ll make it all come out fine

as long as that someone’s not me

So if you’re not able to do the task

or help lead a group who can

what makes you think somebody else should ask

another woman or another man?

So if a project is what you see

as needed here, it’s true

Please come on by and talk to me

and I’ll say what I think you should do

But I’ll probably tell you our lovely Board

is who you must ultimately ask

Which committee or person should not be ignored

Is their job, their duty, their task.

We have a lot of committees, it’s true

with opportunities abundant to serve

But if in our zeal to forge ahead

we sometimes might hit a nerve.



We forget to ask, or the Board will say “no”

on a task we’ve contemplated

we’ve started already, we’ve gotten to “go”

and now we are really frustrated

Or maybe it’s something that you have been asked

or the Board is hoping you’ll do

And you have said “yes” to what you’ve been tasked.

Although you don’t want to, it’s true.

There are so many things that need done

and too few of us here to do it

still if the thing that we do isn’t fun

than perhaps we should simply eschew it.

The tasks that we do help our fellowship fly

here at UUFS in our town

Stick to following through, whatever you try

and you won’t let the other folks down.

In golf, or in bowling or even in darts

you have to get past those tricky parts

and whether you’re going to swing or to throw

following through will help a great deal, you know.

We all want to give, and giving’s good

It’s important and loving and true

But whether you give solid gold or cheap wood

just make sure that you’re following through!

2 thoughts on “Following Through – Homily

  1. Ron Pagano

    I want to go back to the day this was said,
    and, in a close front row chair, be seated;
    I just hope that John will give in, instead,
    For this homily must be repeated!

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