Free Online Seminar: The Advent of Evolutionary Christianity: Conversations at the Leading Edge of Faith

Dear UCC Friends and Colleagues,

You have probably heard it reported that renowned physicist Stephen Hawking wrote in his new book: “There is no place for God in theories on the creation of the Universe.” With news like this, is it any wonder that so many Christians feel torn between science and religion, and some also struggle with maintaining their faith?

This is one of the key issues that will be discussed in a groundbreaking, FREE online event that I am hosting and participating in, and invite you to experience too.

It’s called, “The Advent of Evolutionary Christianity: Conversations at the Leading Edge of Faith.”

You can register for it here:

This teleseries (telephone & computer, not television) will feature me and 30 other leaders in the nexus of science and religion, including two Nobel laureates, three Templeton Prize-winners, and more than two dozen others who exemplify by word and deed that religious faith can be strengthened, enriched, and naturalized by a science-honoring, evolutionary view of the world (see below for complete list of participants).

Some of the topics we will discuss:

* How scientific and historical evidence, interpreted meaningfully, can enhance our lives and faith.
* Inspiring ways to integrate heart and head, tradition and science, within the frame of an emergent cosmos.
* Compassionate, effective responses to both those who reject science and those who reject religion.
* How an evolutionary view of human nature can deepen our appreciation of scriptural insights and help us live lives of greater joy and contribution.
* Opportunities for discovering common ground amidst our radically differing perspectives.
* And much more…

“The Advent of Evolutionary Christianity: Conversations at the Leading Edge of Faith Teleseries” will be announced to media outlets both nationally and internationally. We expect more than 20,000 people to register for this landmark series. You can listen and participate live or experience the online audios later at your convenience.

Join us and register for free here.

Co-evolutionary blessings,

Michael Dowd


Charles Townes: The Convergence of Science and Religion (Dec 10)
William Phillips: Ordinary Faith, Ordinary Science (Dec 26)

Ian Barbour: God and Evolution (Dec 4)
John Polkinghorne: Science and Faith in Understanding Reality (Jan 5)

Karl Giberson: The Heart and Soul of the Evolution Controversy (Dec 8)
Owen Gingerich: Evolutionary Creationism (Dec 27)
Edward (Ted) Davis: A History of the Creation-Evolution Conflict (Jan 3)
Denis Lamoureux: Beyond the Evolution vs. Creation Debate (Dec 6)

John Haught: Darwin, God, and the Drama of Life (Dec 19)
Kenneth Miller: Evolution and the Battle for America’s Soul (Dec 15)
Richard Rohr: Radical Grace and Evolutionary Spirituality (Dec 18)

Gail Worcelo: Sisters of Earth and the Legacy of Thomas Berry (Dec 30)
Mary Southard: Deep-Time Art and the Language of the Heart (Dec 20)

John Shelby Spong: Celebrating Post-Theistic Christian Faith (Dec 13)
Matthew Fox: Evolution and Creation Spirituality (Dec 21)

John Cobb: Process Christianity in the 21st Century (Dec 9)
Philip Clayton: The Emergence of Culture, Mind, and Religion (Dec 23)

Brian McLaren: Naked Spirituality and A New Kind of Christianity (Dec 12)
Spencer Burke: The Emerging Church: A Heretical Guide (Dec 28)
Doug Pagitt: Universe-Honoring Christianity (Jan 2)
Sally Morgenthaler: When the Inside is the New Outside (Dec 22)

Jim Burklo: Open Christianity and Progressive Faith (Dec 11)
Tom Thresher: Reverent Irreverence and Integral Faith (Dec 17)
Ross Hostetter: Integral Christian Spirituality (Dec 7)

Ian Lawton: An Inclusive Faith for the Spiritual But Not Religious (Dec 14)
Bruce Sanguin: Evo-Christian Mysticism and Cosmological Midrash (Dec 5)
Kevin Kelly: Faith at the Leading Edge of Technology (Jan 4)

Diarmuid O’Murchu: Meeting God in Our Evolutionary Story (Dec 29)
Michael Morwood: Evolving Prayer and Ritual Celebrations (Dec 16)
Michael Dowd: Evidence as Divine Communication (Jan 6)

Register for free here:

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