2812 Old Ocean City Road, Salisbury, Maryland 21804

Sunday Services     11:00 AM

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Welcome to the website of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Salisbury. We welcome all seekers after truth, regardless of age, race, gender expression, sexual orientation, or political affiliation. We are a religious fellowship of open hearts and open minds working together to achieve peace and justice in our community, our nation and our world.

In a world too often filled with “busy-ness”, we hope to offer rest for your spirit. We celebrate a faithful way of love, freedom and truth. We challenge our assumptions, nurture our spirits, and focus on what gives shape and purpose to our lives. We come from many faith backgrounds, and welcome the richness that diversity offers us.

If you are looking for truth and meaning in your life, without creed or dogma, we invite you to discover Unitarian Universalism here. Whoever you are, wherever you’ve come from, know that you are welcome.

*Images used on this site may include individuals that are not current members of UUFS.

Recent Announcements

  • UUA Bookstore February 27, 2015
    UUA Bookstore Your Search for Truth and Meaning Begins Here In the 1950s and 1960s, no part of the country challenged liberal religious values more than the South. Gordon Gibson gives remarkable examples of conflict and courage as religious liberals…
  • UUSC February 27, 2015
    It’s up to us now. In 1940, what would become UUSC undertook its first formal mission — to help Jewish and other European refugees struggling to escape Nazi persecution. And for 75 years, succeeding generations of dedicated UUSC members have…
  • Minister’s Musings March 2015 February 26, 2015
    Dear Ones- The theme of the month this month is “brokenness”.  And as I was thinking about brokenness as a theme, I was reminded of a hymn in our gray hymnals, “We’ll Build a Land” (# 121).  It begins, “We’ll…
  • UUA.org Update February 24, 2015
    UUA News Alert We are excited to announce the new design of UUA.org. The fresh look and feel will help to better communicate who we are, what we do and why it matters. Watch this message from UUA President Peter Morales talking…
  • Humanist Classes offered online February 24, 2015
    Personal enrichment and advanced training is available online, whenever you are ready! Coming online classes are announced at SecularActivism.org and MindfulPathsFor.Us March Webinar with Dr. Richard Carrier – Naturalism as a Worldview: How to Build a Sound Philosophy…
  • The Path of Working with Anger: Panning for Gold-A Workshop in Non-Violent Communication February 22, 2015
    The Path of Working with Anger: Panning for Gold-A Workshop in Non-Violent Communication Sat. Mar. 28, at the UU Church of Annapolis Barbra Esher, ordained in the ZenOrder of Interbeing and Certified NVC trainer, and Rhonda Eldridge, NVC certification candidate,…